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Crew Descriptions. Kindly use the template if you want to modify.

Muhammad Aidil

Aidil-'do' a.k.a. Boy Metro

Takes his budget very seriously and has a thing for rodents.
HATES sweet food and drinks. ABSOLUTELY despises them.

"Not handsome but Gorgeous" - Diana

Muhammad A'srie

Muhammad 'Absolut' A'srie

Perpetually on 'overseas training' during the holidays.
Touted to be the first in the crew to go senile... at 30.


Muhammad Faizal

(ex)-Smurf a.k.a Fuad's Brother

The Baby Faced Assassin of NUS School of Computing.
Thinks that the Toyota Wish is the best car made in the world. Cam phaham.


Hadri Hashim

Dr. Ha'Dre' Hashim

Professional Harlem Shaker.
Official New Zealand Correspondent for the L.C.B.V.

"Eh pompuan, kau biler last kener rembat?"

Hairul Anuar

G. "Daddy" Gallus

Example of a "Bapak Ayam".
Commonly found around LCBV.
Has the ability to crack people up.
Girls beware.

"ada boy? boleh break. ada tunang? boleh putus. ada suami? boleh cerai."

Hichael Abdullah

Helmet Hichael a.k.a Mat Lacer

L.B.C.V's Geram-ping King.
Jan's eternal rival in looks and one of L.C.B.V.'s calmest individuals. Has a habit of going sideways on his motard - at high speeds.

"You think we FLY... But we LEVITATE"

Muhammad Jan

Mr. Bobby Janitalia

2 for the price of 1. Get Jan and Bob will come for free - naturally
Considers Hichael to be his eternal rival in looks.


Muhammad Khairul Syamil

Stoner a.k.a. Mr. Computer

L.B.C.V's personal IT support unit.
Unlike A'srie, at 30, we expect this guy to be a computer himself.

"He ain't dead... Just stoning"

Rahmat Tirmizi

(RA)hmat "Munkykuts" Tirmizi

L.C.B.V's resident DJ.
Part of the infamous Royal Flush Crew as the King of Spades and the Billionaire Boys Club.


Ridzuan Bin Amran

Muhammad 'Neo' Ridzuan

Smallest member of the L.C.B.V.
Loves going from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Has the quietest laugh you've ever heard - Euugghhhrryyy


Tan Nur Shafik

Cina Bukit a.k.a Boy Mugger

L.B.C.V's most calm individual.
Never have we seen him pissed. Especially on the soccer pitch! NEVER!
But definitely one of the most hardworking individual in the crew.

Syah Fidzuan


L.B.C.V's Irritation.
A perpetual disease that hangs around us. We've never seen him serious. Not on the soccer field, hockey pitch, wherever. But, one hell of a riot to be with for sure.
"He's not Local... Cos' he's Hi-chael"

Shafiq Zulazmi

Shafiq 'The Oracle' Zulazmi

NUS Rugby Captain.
Supports Arsenal with passion and has a personal vendetta with the Football Gods.

"PAAHHH Butoh"

Tjoa Nazri Adam

Tjoa "The Mutes" Nazri Adam

Avid Scramblist.
Lead vocalist and founder of the unheard band "The Mutes".